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30th of September 2007

Enlighten the Darkness: Again | Single | Author: Ryan "Quakis" Rouse | Download 1.4Mb

Description: Enlighten the Darkness was a usermap for Army of Death, a mini-mod by Fakir. Enlighten the Darkness: Again is the same level, just with Duke3D monsters.

Design: About everything here that concerns design applies to this map too, naturally. The level looks good, a bit ZDoomy with all those useless, but pretty, trims and details. The level doesn't seem to use any of Duke's original textures and boy the outdoor environments look pretty beautiful, especially the last outdoor area. A new skybox enhances the atmosphere and fits in perfectly.

Gameplay: This is the biggest problem. The gameplay is utterly boring, again a bit ZDoomy with dozens of enemies in every single room. One particular, long and high hallway had so much enemies that it literally took minutes to pass it - and you have to do it twice ("There's nothing worse than backtracking through massive corridors you've cleared five minutes ago, only to find that they've been refilled with enemies." -Fakir)! Puzzles were standard, keys and buttons, and there was some backtracking. Also, why do all the doors have to open so slowly? "Realistic" (it's a castle) or not, it's still irritating.

Conclusion: A good looking medieval/outdoor map with boring, extremely repetitive gameplay.

Rating: 86