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2nd of Julu 2010

Elements | Single | Author: NerdKoopa | Download

Description: "Elements" is a shortish temple level and NerdKoopa's first public release.

Design: The map is something that could have been made around 1996/1997, a fact that should be taken as a compliment. Elements is a bit short on details but it looks good thanks to architecturally interesting structures such as a Parthenon-like location. Rooms have noticeable wear & tear and Duke's limited set of textures that can be used to cover temple-like structures has been well used. Several locations, such as the underground lava room, could have used more details and better trimming. Lighting would have benefited from starker contrast between bright and dark areas.

Gameplay: In terms of time spent on shooting enemies, Elements is the opposite of Canyon, the last map I played before Elements. Pacing is to my liking although I'd have preferred a bit more challenge near the end. Several traps and obstacles block your way, giving the map a Quake-like flavor. Apart from giving the player a choice between two routes, both of which you have to take anyway, the level is pretty straightforward in terms of linearity.

Conclusion: A fresh map with a good 1996/1997 look. More details, better terrainwork and more forceful lighting wouldn't hurt.

Rating: 87

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