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EDF Secret Base | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 81kt

Alejandro is experimenting different locations in his maps. This time Duke finds himself at EDF's base after he explored the space-station 'YMF500G'. Base is located in the middle of ocean on a lonely island. Level has lots of similarities with Maarten Pinxten's 'MPCC2'. Design and that kind of stuff is of course great and we all know that. Base has light-brown color and design is bugfree and pure. Floors and ceilings has good looking cracks and broken bricks and map is full of details made of sprites. Underwater parts are good and puzzles are the usual stuff - findind keys and buttons - story is once again followed through viewscreens. Map has also a couple of new ideas like the scene where Duke hears another soldier dying. Map offers lots of eyecandy and like 'YMF500G' 'EDF Secret Base' has a great replay value. Level is quite storybased and today at 23th of December 2001 it is the best Duke level.

EDF Secret Base

Rating: 97