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15th of January 2008

Eclipse | Single/DM | Author: Keith Hazelet | Download 80Kb, Mirror

Description: A medium size moonbase map from 1997.

Review: This is a rather typical moonbase map with two sections: one seems to be for leisure activities (crew quarters, a "space bar" and some bathrooms) and the other one is for central command & such. These two sections are connected by a train moving through a modest looking Lunar landscape (where are all the wild sceneries, satellite dishes in the distance etc.?). Design is average with modest lighting effects and some good details there and there (the train stations looked pretty cool but overly lit) but the whole map suffers from being awfully cramped. There is basically no room to maneuver (the ending, for example, is a small room with two Battlelords) but this is compensated by giving the player a fair amount of health & ammo. Quite many textures were left misaligned and some of the design seems sloppy. There's a fun reference to Quake.

Conclusion: A fun ten-minute ride through a typical but awfully cramped moonbase.

Rating: 86