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17th of August 2003

E1L10 | Single | Author: John Doe (no txt) | Download 74kt

Description: Industrial level somewhere in the heart of a big city. By looking at the map's properties it seems to be from the year 1997!

Design: This one is a pretty big level with numerous locations. You start from a city sewer area (very short) and end up travelling through canyons, caves, industrial sites and test chambers. Design isn't very detailed but shadowing is mostly very good looking and there are some nice structures (canyon/industrial site in the beginning). Some places could use a lot more details (blue industrial site) but most of the level is above average in design.

Textures: Although texturing is mostly good and textures are well picked it still could use a lot more trimwork & decoration.

Gameplay: This one's pretty huge with quite lots of monsters. I ran out of shotgun & chaingun ammunitions a few times but there wasn't anything devastating. When I faced a Battlelord for the first time I had no weapons to fight against it so I had to run. Mostly monster/health/ammo balance is good. Level has some explosions which are more annoying than neat. There are two Nukebuttons - one normal & one green.

Innovations: It has a small touch of originality but nothing outstanding.

Conclusion: Big and very old level with ok puzzles, good lighting and ok design.

Rating: 85