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25th of December 2014

Duke64Holiday | Single/Multi | Author: Duke64Nukem | Download

The Review: Duke64 is about to enjoy a relaxed holiday in a secluded location but just can't shake off the tradition of having to kill tons of alien scumbags before he gets to enjoy babes and presents; like with the rest of us, the climax of Christmas is always preceded by stress and thoughts of beating Santa to death, which Duke actually gets to do here. I can't recall playing a Nuclear Winter usermap before, although I doubt this is the first such thing. But thanks to Steam, the Christmas-themed official expansion is readily available at a very affordable price, especially around the holidays. In any case, Duke64Holiday is a rather simple usermap consisting of a few outdoor areas and a short hi-tech segment. Kill aliens, blow up cracks, pick up a few keys and confront Santa; that's this year's Christmas recipe. There's nothing about the map's design that stands out; it's adequate throughout, doing just enough to convey a nice Christmas atmosphere. The OGG track is a soothing ambient piece although not particularly Christmasey. The Nuclear Winter boss should be a refreshing sight after a billion end-of-level Battlelords. A worthy, if a bit short (took me just six minutes), addition to a list of things you can do during the holidays.

Rating: 88

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