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18th of October 2004

Damned Space Life | Single/DM | Author: Fernando Márquez | Download 47kt

Description: This one's a small 3-floor space station with a bunch of bad guys and cramped spaces. Some people might pop in and ask me why this level is a hot one but I feel that it meets all of the requirements - and it really isn't too small.

Design: The first two floors are copies of each other - just with different bad guys. The design won't draw your attention but it won't dissappoint you either. The last floor is infested by alien organic stuff and Battlelord - be aware.

Textures: Doesn't come up with anything new or original. It's very E2ish. Well balanced & picked textures.

Gameplay: It pretty much goes like this - You step into a new floor, you see a switch, you push it, a door opens revealing a bunch of more buttons & monsters. Once you have done this a couple of times you take the lift up and do the same thing again. Some might feel that the level is a bit too cramped but the player is given a fair amount of ammo & health.

Innovations: Although this one looks very much like any E2 level by looking at its design and texturing it still is definitely a fresh breeze - thanks to the weird gameplay & 3-floor design.

Conclusion: Short, pretty good looking & fun space level.

Rating: 85