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7th of February 2008

The Dream | Single/DM | Author: Zykov Eddy (A.EZ) | Download 3Mb, Mirror (

Description: A city/bizarre map from the author of Moonbase Accident.

Review: The level starts with a sequence where your craft is about to get hit by a choppa. The level actually has a few of these nice sequences although most of them take place in a bizarre dream sequence (it's actually a dream in a dream). The dream sequence is about 1/3 of the level and borrows a lot from a secret level in EZ's "Moonbase Accident". It's recycled stuff but it's still good.
In terms of texturing (especially trimming) and detailing there's been a slight improvement from EZ's previous work. However, lighting is still mediocre. Many areas are too bright which may make some sense inside a shopping center but not when you're out on the streets of LA. A sense of depth is provided by streets that seem to continue past the gameplay area. The shopping center had a bunch of interesting locations (a pet shop, a toy store) but it also had these weird pitch black pits that seemed to make no sense.
The level flows well but I'd have wanted to see a bit more enemies on medium. When I reached the end I still had plenty of ammo left for Devastator & RPG. More Commander/Battlelord fights could have done the trick.

Conclusion: An entertaining 20-minute city map with some fresh (and a few borrowed) ideas.

Rating: 92