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10th of May 2004

Downtown Ride | Single/DM | Author: Aymeric Nocus | Download 56kt

Description: Quite fresh release from Aymeric. Another cramped city level with lots of locations to explore.

Design: Uh oh - lots of tight areas again - especially indoors. Doesn't bother you that much but there were a few rooms which were just too tiny. Streets could use some more lightning/shadow work - now it's a bit dull (and it felt that some surfaces were too bright compared to others). Cars could use a lot more work and I'd like to see less closed doors. The level's design is above average and filled with nice details - especially some of the streets look good.

Textures: Some of the textures seemed to use too small scale - well the whole level is in small scale so it's not that bad. It's great that authors experiment with different textures but the texture Aymeric picked as the sky texture just doesn't fit. There are many better 'dull' sky textures out there so why to use one of the worst?

Gameplay: Pretty basic button/key hunt - Lots of unlogical button puzzles like in most Aymeric's levels. They really could use a bit more logic but as long as it's not too frustrating or annoying it's ok. I ran out of shotgun/chaingun bullets a few times - some might like it but I'm not much into that kind of thing.

Innovations: Go away you horrible sky texture!

Conclusion: Looks good, plays well, offers some challenge and has way too cramped areas.

Rating: 86