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11th of October 2003

Doomcity | Single/DM | Author: Pipeline | Download 110kt

Description: Quite large and well designed city level from the author of 'Hell Station' & 'Mothership'. This is one of those typical well designed city levels which are difficult to review (not much to say - use that as a lame excuse for this review being so short).

Design: There are enough details and good looking structures to call this one a well designed level. What really had me were the shadows. Use of shadows is brilliant - they are dark and wide and they're present all around the level. Theme is also quite well used. There are subways, tunnels, vents, discoes, streets, offices, sewage systems etc.

Textures: Yeah yeah been there, done that. Typical e3 stuff.

Gameplay: Puzzles are typical button & key hunting with some elements which spice things up. There are explosions, destroyed tunnels and things like that which will keep your interest up for a few minutes. You can use steroids whenever you feel like it takes too long to travel from one point to another. Monster/ammo balance is good.

Innovations: Nope.

Conclusion: Well balanced, well designed and entertaining large city level.

Rating: 87