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Domino 2 | Single/DM | Author: John Henderson | Download 84kt

First 'Domino' level was a good mix of a city level and a Bobsp level. It had details and city stuff. 'Domino 2' (or well 'Domino 1.5' as the txt says) is a city level with less details than first Domino. It's rather dark and has a restaurant/night club (dark here too) and some streets (more like alleys). Puzzles contain some key combinations and some key cards and lots of monsters. I had a really fun time facing these enemy forces but I'm sure that some newbies will find the level too difficult. This one restaurant room had over ten Pig Cops. Skill settings would have been a good solution. I liked playing and looking Domino 2 but it had two things that bothered me. First was the darkness of the level. It just feels kinda boring. Another thing was the end. I had 10 hp left when I had to face two Battlelords. I played it again from the beginning and I faced these minibosses with more energy but there still was a problem - trees. Trees blocked most of the RPG shots that I fired to kill these monsters. It got a bit annoying but hey - you can always cheat - especially when you are this close to end.

Domino 2

Rating: 87