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27th of February 2006

Center For Disease Management | Single/DM | Author: Reginukem | Download 1.1Meg

Description: Reginukem is back with a "cover" map. CFDM is based on some Blood 2 level. In fact that "some level" is the only Blood 2 level I've played since it's the level from the Blood 2 demo.

Design: CFDM is a hi-tech/laboratory. The overall architecture is a bit bleak with little extra details. Some of the hallways are made of four walls without any lightning effects. However, there are some good looking areas around the map as you can see from the screenshots below. Lightning is the biggest problem - the whole level is brightly lit with very little lightning effects/shadows.

Gameplay: There are tons of doors and the level is not linear but navigating shouldn't be a problem since the gameplay area is quite restricted. You'll have enough bullets if you dare to search for some extra rooms. Keycard/button puzzles are standard type but entertaining and the crane "puzzle" managed to offer a bit of variety.

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Not Reginukem's best but it's still worth your time especially if you remember the demo level from Blood 2. For other single-player maps by Reginukem check here (87 points), here (85), here (88), here (93), here (89) and here (85).

Rating: 86