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Die Scraper | Single | Author: NutWrench | Download 655kt

Die Scraper is from the maker of 'City of Screams'. It was one of the levels in 'Majestic 12' which also was abandoned after the death of So this level includes new art which is from Shadow warrior and Quake 2. Like usually I think that old art would have been better. Quake 2's textures aren't so good in Duke. Level is fun and well designed. It's somekind of a warehouse area with lots of boxes and computers. Design all over the level looks quite much the same so there are hallways and then there are halls with boxes/computers and then again those same things all over again. City sceneries are quite nice. Shadows are good and puzzles are very simple. Fun and well designed level with some new art.

Die Scraper

Rating: 86