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11th of January 2004

Driving Home For Christmas | Single/DM | Author: Rob Wijkstra | Download 600kt

Description: A Christmas gift from the author of City Terror TC. A very simple snow covered level with tons of monsters & a snowfall effect.

Design: Very basic. You basically follow one road all the time - surrounded by some snowy walls (not the best snow-covered canyon texture ever) & trees. There really aren't much shadows - it'd have been nice to have a few lamp poles around the level giving some neat lightning effects. There's a city in the end - looks ok but nothing bigger than life. The snowfall effect is made of sprites so it's not even nearly as good as its Con-file based brother.

Textures: Most of the textures are new. That original brown canyon texture has been re-colored to white to make it look snow-covered. It works but could be better. The use of textures is very simple - as is the rest of the level.

Gameplay: The idea is very simple - just follow the road you're given. There are a few stops like maybe one card lock (although it's very likely that you'll get the card before you'll see the lock) and a few off-path routes which will lead you to some weapons. Ridges & roads ahead of you are covered with monsters.

Innovations: U wish.

Conclusion: If winter theme was changed to summer it'd be very likely that this map would be available in 'Maps' section instead of being available here. Driving Home For Christmas is fun for a while and uses its theme well enough to earn its score.

Rating: 86