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24th of January 2004

Operation Devil's Dance | Single | Author: SalaciusCrumb | Download 82kt

Description: One of the first SST TC usermaps made by SalaciusCrumb who's the man behind some of the excellent levels in SST TC & who previously released two new usermaps - Before The Storm & Eye Of The Storm.

Design: This is a typical SST TC level which mixes outdoor areas to spooky indoor locations. Details & spritework aren't on the same level with SalaciusCrumb's latest releases which is of course - logical. Devil's Dance is still detailed and it has some neat outdoor areas with more than enough realistic slopes (they really look like outdoor canyon areas). There are some flaws as well - mostly missing elevator/door sounds which is quite annoying.

Textures: Reminds me of the original SST TC levels - very good but nothing special. Well used & mixed textures.

Gameplay: Devil's Dance is an action-packed level with tons of Warrior Bugs. They attack in packs and mostly appear in tight (although outdoor) areas so combats are a bit tough. Dying is not very possible since the player will get more than enough of bullets & health. I got lost once when you were supposed to fall from a bridge to activate some mining vehicle which opened a door inside some facility - not the most logical puzzle but it goes. There was also one elevator which was like a thousand times too slow - especially if you forgot to investigate that off-bridge area before taking the elevator down. You'll have a chance to kill some bugs with that automatic gun although the place where it's placed is not so ideal for killing bugs.

Innovations: The level uses some of the new SST TC effects such as the 'laser machine gun' & computer controlled AI helpers - but the machine gun is poorly placed and the helper bots are as good as they were in SST TC - worth nothing. It's more likely that they'll kill you than the enemy. But I'd still have to say that it's better with them than without them.

Conclusion: Not as detailed or innovative as BTS & EOTS but Devil's Dance is still a very good one with good design & some good puzzles. You'll love the ending. Download SST TC here.

Rating: 92

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