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27th of September 2008

Desert Base 2 | Single | Author: Mia Max | Download 9Mb

Description: MiaMax's previous map had a fresh look thanks to its emphasis on the HRP. This one also benefits from the HRP (recommended but not required) but has found a new companion from DeeperThought's DukePlus mod. Desert Base 2 is a big hi-tech map with outdoor parts.

Design: While the first part of the map is wholly new, the second part incorporates some locations from Max's previous map but with a fresh look. The HRP might not do some levels justice but this one was designed specifically with the HRP textures. Not many areas blow your eyes out but the level is consistently well designed with particular attention on lighting. The red sky fits well with the level's choice of grey textures. The only thing that didn't look good was a particular alien texture that was used as grass.

Gameplay: The first half of the map is rather standard with a few keys & buttons to be found. After this you get your hands on the new Double Barreled Shotgun (a cool tool!) and you get to witness several action-filled scripted sequences where Dukebots come to your rescue to repel an invasion of Protector Drones. You also get to use the Gravity Gun and annihilate several minibosses. Since this is a DukePlus usermap, don't forget that you can climb walls. The first half is quite easy with a good selection of monsters and weapons. When you are near the end of the second part the gameplay escalates slighty with more powerful monsters trying to get their hands on you.

Conclusion: A refreshing 20-minute ride. Architecture is somewhat uninspiring but still well above average in terms of details and lighting. Thanks to DukePlus gameplay is closer to Project Zero than standard Duke3D usermaps.

Rating: 93