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21st of April 2007

Optical Demounter | Single/DM | Author: Fernando Márquez | Download 100Kb, Mirror

Description: Fernando, who's known for imitating the architecture of the original Duke3D levels, recently released three space maps which were supposed to be a part of an episode. Because of this the gameplay has not been tweaked.

Design: "Optical Demounter" seems to get most its inspiration from E2L6 & E2L7. However, there's plenty of original stuff too. I particularly liked the huge main hallway with force-fielded windows and the shuttle bay near the end. Texturing and lighting remain above average and loyal to the feel of the original E2 levels

Gameplay: Gameplay is a bit tough during the last few minutes because of the issue mentioned above. Most likely you'll run out of bullets in no time but there should be a Chaingun available shortly after the beginning. After this the going gets more balanced.

Conclusion: A well designed but standard space map with a bit harder than average gameplay. For more stuff by Fernando, check here, here, here and here.

Rating: 87