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13th of March 2008

Demolition | Single | Author: Devastator | Download 122Kb, Mirror

Description: Devastator's "Demolition" is, well, demolition. It's a medium size city level with tons of explosions, monsters and adrenaline-filled sequences.

Review: But it's not just a map - Devastator has supplied the map with some con improvements that result in the kind of a slaughterfest you have never seen before in any game. Hell - even bullets spawn explosions when they hit! The map has hundreds of enemies - and hundreds of bullets (& health) which means plenty of opportunities to play with your new toys - the Antimatter gun and an improved Devastator, Freezer (well, it doesn't actually freeze anyone - more like burns their eyes out of their sockets) and a pack of Steroids that makes you invulnerable and turns you into a one-man army (as if you weren't one already...).
Oh, and then there are the explosions - literally every building gets torn apart at some point and I'm not talking about some lame effects - I'm talking about witnessing some of the coolest sequences ever in this game. You have Duke firing missiles, crashing into a car and aliens shooting from their spaceships. And it never stops - not until you hit the Nukebutton.

Conclusion: Despite the fact that we have had a good bunch of kick-ass releases this year, nothing prepared me for this. Killing and seeing things get blown apart has never been this fun!

Rating: 95