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21st of April 2007

Deep Sea Rising | Single | Author: Thedutchjelle | Download 84Kb, Mirror, Mirror 2

Description: "Deep Sea Rising" is an underwater base. Halfway through the map I was about to give it a score below the magical 85 that is required for a hottie. However, the map gained a bit of speed after this.

Design: The level looks rather nice but never gets above the "fairly good" mark. Texturing seemed okay but some surfaces were not properly aligned (either too stretched or too little stretched). The cramped hallways and corridors with thousands of doors (constantly making a particular open/close sound) got a bit repetitive. Lighting is above average with some nice looking shadows. I also liked the way the flooded areas near the end looked.

Gameplay: The level ended up being a bit longer than I expected - it took me nearly twenty minutes which I consider to be above average in length. There are less than 80 monsters which sounds a bit too little for such a long map. Protector Drones dominate the level and near the end I was a bit short on ammo. This worked okay but I regret to tell you that the level hasn't got any Pig Cops. The level has a good size underwater area which is something I have missed. I had some problems jumping to a vent near the end but I got around it.

Conclusion: Reminded me quite a bit of Aqua (2,3) maps (although this one makes a better use of the theme) and Supertanker's Aqua Base, a better designed map than Deep Sea Rising but with a lot simpler gameplay.

Rating: 87