The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

Decay | Single/DM | Author: Radon | Download 81kt

This map was supposed to be in a TC created by Radon and Stranger (the king himself) but it never got completed. Anyway here's a small piece to show some of the TC's quality levels. Design is very familiar with Stranger's 'Ruin' dukematch map. They both has a lot of ruins and they both are done with grey style. Decay's design is good and detailed but Decay hasn't got any interesting or specially designed sectors. Actually the whole map looks the same all the time. Puzzles are good and I got stucked for a while when I was searching the blue key. Shadows looks really good and dark. Anyway the map is sometimes too dark so you have to add more brightness to see something. Skillsettings are good too and weapons are well placed. Recommended map even it looks too much the same all the time.


Rating: 86