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Deadfall | Single | Author: Billy Boy | Download 840kt

Another HUGE level from Billy Boy. The guy really have some great talents to create unique maps. This is like 'Clearwater' (also available here). It has tons of puzzles, tons of new ideas, tons of action and it takes plenty of time to complete (at least an hour or two - you need a break). Level is somekind of an industrial base located on island. There are huge sectors with awesome architecture and of course couple ugly sectors with nothing in them but that kills the sector limit. Design is awesome and there are lots of different spaces and heights etc. This map is full of new ideas and there are also few action sequences. Map also has some new cool sounds (including some from my 'MSSP Episode') and changed cons (modified enemies and six key cards). Just get this one beaty but keep breaks or it will start feeling inside your head and becomes frustrating. I'll promise you: You haven't seen anything like this (well except 'Clearwater' by the same author).


Rating: 95