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1st of May 2004

Dave City 2 | Single | Author: David Sonnier | Download 60kt

Description: Dave's previous level was pretty good but didn't make it to Hot Maps. Since that Dave has improved his talents a bit - but only a bit which is enough to make his new level enter the Uber Levels section. 'Dave City 2' is a sequel to 'Dave City' which never got released here since the author released 'City Suicide' pretty much at the same time and it was better.

Design: Mostly well above average. The streets in the beginning & in the end are very good looking with very good trimwork and some nice details. There are also some very nice shadows all around the level. However while many places have good textures, good details and good lightning there are still some areas which lack these things and could use some more work. Spritework is pretty good and used quite often.

Textures: Especially the street areas in the beginning & in the end are well textured with many different textures mixed together. Trimwork is mostly very good although a few places could use a bit more of it. Not much to complain.

Gameplay: Very typical button/key hunt level with good weapon/monster balance. There's one tougher combat in the end with some Battlelords & Commanders.

Innovations: Nope.

Conclusion: Quite well designed level with basic gameplay feeling.

Rating: 86