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1st of March 2004

Dark Side: Moonbase Mayhem | Single | Author: Aaro Ruohonen | Download 75kt

Description: We all have played E2L8 - Dark Side about a million times. This 'Moonbase Mayhem' is not its recreation although it does share many things with it.

Design: Some people might have problems accepting those dark shadows which can be seen outside - I don't have problems with them - In fact me loves such big & black shadows. Ever been to Moon? Lightning is mostly very good around the level although some shadows behave a bit unrealistically. There are also some good cycler effects. There are details but not more than you'd expect to find from any E2 level. The biggest problem with Moonbase Mayhem is that almost every indoor section feels too tight & tiny. Almost as if the station had been designed for dwarfs.

Textures: E2L8 stuff mostly. Nothing special about that. Trimwork is mostly good although could use some fixing there and there. Some wall textures could use some more work.

Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty good with a bunch of explosions & tons of monsters. Difficulty settings are right there and boy this one offers a lot of challenge if you take the hardest road. Luckily you'll find enough weapons & ammo to reach your goal. Some of the explosions are a bit annoying since they occur in tight sectors which means that you're going to get hurt if you're too close (which is very likely). There's one cool & huge explosion at one point - keep your eye on it. The biggest problem with fun factor are those damn tight locations.

Innovations: Nope.

Conclusion: Action packed E2 type level.

Rating: 88