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18th of April 2005

Dark Place 5 | Single | Author: Taivo Maripuu | Download 148Kt

Description: The fifth dark map. It's another abandoned town that has been taken over by something spooky.

Design: Taivo's style is more or less influenced by Red & Roch maps (and since Red maps are influenced by Roch maps you can see what kind of an influence Pascal has had/has on the mapping community). It's a tad messier than Red maps and a bit more colorful. There's some awesome spritework - although I have no idea how those sprite steps can float in the air. If you have played other Dark Place and Red maps you won't be surprised. There are some neat things like that Drone boat, the "mountain of Doom" and a bunch of other things.

Textures: It's very dark - gray, brown and some successful colored surfaces (& other less successfull).

Gameplay: Gameplay is a bit off-mainstream. The whole map is based on searching for some "buttons" (which are those projectiles used by Octabrains). Most of the action & travelling takes place on the streets. Indoor areas - which can be accessed button by button - are usually just for the buttons. Monster spawns work pretty well and there are some "new" monsters. Gameplay is well balanced. Not sure if I missed something but I liked the way I had to kill the first two or three Battlelords with non-explosive weapons. Read the txt to get more info on how to obtain Atomic Healths (you will need them). There's also a nice "change of scenery" in the end.

Innovations: Gameplay has its unique feel to it but other than that there's very little surprises. Of course the whole level is unlike any "standard" usermap but still - if you're familiar with Red or other DP maps you're familiar with DP5.

Conclusion: Well designed and moody level which offers a bit unusual gameplay for about thirty minutes (took me nearly fourty).

Rating: 95