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Dark Place 2 | Single | Author: Taivo Maripuu | Download 96kt

'Dark Place 2' is a sequel to 'Dark Place' (d'oh). Style is similar to first Dark Place & Red3. It's dark and spooky level. There are several different locations. First is this large maze. It's quite interesting and fortunately not too difficult or confusing. Second part is this cave area which is quite short but where I got lost in the end (in case you get lost - look up). Third part is some abandoned camping site with some ruined buildings, bats (you'll see), toxic water, spooky sounds etc. Design all over the level is good and simple. Level has everything which its theme requires. Shadows are very well done and textures well picked for the theme. Author added some originality to textures by placing almost invisible sprites in front of them at some locations. Gameplay is fun and not frustrating. Number of ammunitions is small - especially in the end where you have to have ammos to fight against the battlelord. So 'Dark Place 2' is a level which plays well and has a nice spooky ambient.

Dark Place 2

Rating: 86