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Daemonus | Single/DM | Author: Stranger | Download 96kt

'Stranger' was one of my first favorite builders. His work is pure, detailed and has nice new texture styles. 'Daemonus' is one of his last works. Unfortunately this level was mainly designed for DM use. SP game includes over a hundred monsters and some confusing puzzles. And no - there aren't any real innovative puzzles. There are just a lot of rooms you can enter & explore until you find some keys. Daemonus is an island type level surrounded by water. Design is great. It's some sort medieval style with lots of fires & wood textured doors. Puzzles are a bit frustrating. You travel a lot before you find anything. You can really see that this was mainly designed for Dukematch. I never tested Daemonus with dukematch because I still don't like huge dm levels. So for those who want some SP challenge - Daemonus is for you. Those who love to see good design - download this just to admire Stranger's unique style.


Rating: 86