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2nd of January 2012

CyberDuke | Single | Author: Eye del Cul | Download

The review: Duke decided to hang up his gloves and start a new life in computing. Having become too fat to fight in real life (like the timeless polymath Steven Seagal), Duke is assigned to wipe out a virus in cyberspace, allowing him to relive his warrior days once again.
CyberDuke is a rather interesting map although by no means the first and only of its kind. But it's one of the best. Once again Duke's incredibly versatile texture set has been used in a way that makes you suspect if the author has included a few textures of his own but no; the only custom addition is a midi track that fits the map's nerdy feel perfectly. But the best part is how your trek throughout the map consists of not just aimless wandering and shooting aliens (manifestations of the virus?) but you actually have a task at hand: kill the virus. Every location therefore has a purpose which makes you feel like you're actually getting somewhere. (You'll make more sense out of everything if you read the txt.)

CyberDuke is one of the best virtual reality maps out there. The map has refreshing visuals, a fitting midi and every location has a sense of purpose which is something that's usually missing from usermaps. Item-monster ratio is just right and the map should take you around 15-20 minutes.

Rating: 91

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