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28th of October 2007

Lunar Crossroads | Single/DM | Author: Fernando Márquez | Download 104Kb, Mirror

Description: Another E2ish map by Fernando Márquez, also known as "the Remaker". The sixth level of Orbital Oblivion.

Crossroads is quite big - it managed to squeeze 25 minutes of my precious time. It's a good mix of some of the best elements of E2 but owes mostly to E2L8, Dark Side. Gameplay is mostly balanced but a few times it was not clearly marked where you were supposed to go and some doors/elevators seemed more like walls. There is also a lot of backtracking, a pain in a map of this size.
Judging by its design, this is perhaps Fernando's best map with a particularly good use of strong, black shadows on the surface of the Moon. There is also a fair amount of variety - plenty of outdoor locations, narrow corridors, basements, big hallways, trains etc.
After 25 minutes of fun a simple Nukebutton ending seemed a bit of a let down.

Conclusion: A fine space level that doesn't blow your eyes off with its design but instead focuses on 3DRealms style architecture and gameplay. A big map that could use a bit better ending.

Rating: 90