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This is an interesting pack. It has some new weapons, new enemies and even some new effects - but only three levels (two in fact - third is a boss level). So I don't know if this is a map-pack, episode or even a TC.

These two levels are pretty good. They have interesting locations and they use standard hi-tech/base theme. There are some ok details (not much) and puzzles are good. However the lack of shadows is very disturping. But anyways these levels have some very good new innovations such as laser beams (similar to the ones in Quake 2), destroyable walls (scene similar to that lobby scene in the Matrix - however these destroyable walls are only in this one part) & some new good coding. These two levels are fun & well designed and new innovations make them even better.

There are some new enemies. One modified Liztroop, new Pig Cop tank (the one 3DRealms never used), some robot (pretty cool but used only in a few locations) & a new boss (very good one). New weapons are Double Pistols, Railgun, BFG9000 & Detonator. They look very good (Railgun & BfG9000 from Q2 & Doom) and effects are excellent.

Lastability: Three entertaining levels with excellent new stuff:
Version: 1.4, 1.5
Author: Bocao
Size: 2Mb
Score: 91

Download (2Mb)!