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30th of April 2005

Confession | Single/DM | Author: Tim Conneen | Download 117kt

Description: Out of the grave comes "Confession" which is a brilliant level. The first time my hands touched this level was way back in -99 when Bob Masters uploaded it to his brilliant selection of best Duke maps. It was too difficult for me back then and I couldn't beat it. I gave it another try and made it. "Confession" is a bizarre level which has some hi-tech stuff (a short prison) and a house which has been taken over by a flood.

Design: Design is brilliant in terms of new ideas & tricks. Weird doors & SE tricks, good looking half-sunken house, the brilliant Nukebutton factory and many more. The prison part is quite empty (but only in terms of details - it's still filled with neat stuff) and lightning is lacking at times but especially the house part looks pretty good.

Textures: Not quite the kind of texturing we have gotten used to. Some of the author's solutions are a bit suspicious and the level could use a lot more trimwork in its hi-tech parts. The house looks nice though.

Gameplay: Gameplay can get very hard if you don't follow the "spoiler" viewscreen exactly. So that is my advice - read it (it's in the prison part) and follow it exactly. If you can't destroy the toilet (you'll see) with a Pipe Bomb then use your RPG and aim toward the toilet water. Combats are well balanced although Liztroops don't shoot underwater. Great puzzles and effects.

Innovations: Tons of them. The author also made a level called "Stupid SE Tricks" (available at Bob Masters' site) which features some of these new tricks. Nukebutton factory is fantastic in its own twisted way!

Conclusion: A brilliant level full of innovations, neat tricks and a gameplay that can get very frustrating if you disobey the tips you're given in the beginning of the level. Remember: Cheating takes the fun away!

Rating: 93