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Complex1 | Single | Author: Allan Mullock | Download 114kt

Finally a space level. And this one's big. It's a white space station with some new textures (not much), alien hives, tons of buttons etc. Gameplay is very good. There are tons of enemies and lots of respawning ones. Author was fair enough to give you enough bullets & health packs to keep you alive. Design is quite good. Some sectors looks good even there isn't much variety (in locations there are but not in details). Level has quite many align bugs, some bad texture choises, maskwalls which won't block your bullets, very buggy mirror etc. In fact these bugs won't matter a bit. You might find yourself lost many times but just keep on pressing those buttons. One thing leads to another. Buttons aren't very logicially placed. Button on the other side of the level can open a door somewhere in the middle etc. If you can't proceed normally then use 'dnshowmap' to explore the level. Anyways this level was a nice touch which brought back memories from the time when gameplay was more important than design (but still keeping good design in mind).


Rating: 89