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Colony A2 | Single | Author: Slawomir " LAW " Lawrynowicz | Download 378kt

Colony is a sequel for 'Messhall A2'. Colony is based on a LV-426 colony on an alien planet (which we all saw in Aliens movie). Design is a bit above average and looks like 'Alien-design' - so there are dark hallways, medlabs, vents and lots of other alien feel. Like Messhall A2 this one has too new sounds like alarms, weapon sounds etc. They all sound really good and gives some extra alien feel to the map. Map is full of monsters but luckily balance between ammos and enemies is good. So there are lots of aliens to kill. Try to find also Newt's room (which we also saw in the movie) and few other places which can only be accessed with 'showmap' and 'dnclip' cheats. Oh and play my 'LV426' map too (Check 'My Maps' section).

Colony A2

Rating: 87