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23rd of December 2008

City of Despair | Single/Multi | Author: Thobias "Loke" Fast | Download 56Kb, Mirror

Description: A smallish city map.

Review: As far as I know, this is the author's first published single-player map, released some months ago. Your journey begins from a street area where all the card-locked doors are. What you get is a pretty standard deal: a naughty book store, a bar and then you get to blow up a building. Overall the level is well designed with attention on proper lighting and good texturing. However, I'd have liked to see more details on buildings, especially on the buildings surrounding the gameplay area. The level plays well. It takes a minute or two before you get your hands on a shotgun and after that things start flowing. There's a mini Overlord (although it doesn't look like one) near the end but you're not forced to fight him to pass the map.

Conclusion: All in all, a well designed but not very ambitious single-player city map.

Rating: 86