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19th of April 2009

The Chronic: Bad Night | Single/Multi | Author: Zykov Eddy & Sanek | Download 716Kb

Description: Bad Night is the first map of an upcoming episode The Chronic, worked on by Zykov Eddy and Sanek. Bad Night is a medium-size city map with a straight street area that works as a hub (which reminded me of Eye-Witness).

Into it: In terms of gameplay we have a pretty standard city map in our hands with standard puzzles and a good item/monster ratio. The level's design should pop your eyes out with tons of spritework in every inch of the map. If you see a sprite on a wall there's a good change it's been given the 3d treatment. When this isn't the case, it's an exception. Textures have also been used in various innovative ways. The map has a problem though, and that's crampedness. Some corridors are very narrow and all the 3d spritework only makes matters worse.

Conclusion: Bad Night is good start for The Chronic episode but the gameplay could be a bit more interesting and the overall crampedness of most indoor areas is something I could live without.

Rating: 92