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14th of May 2007

Community Build Project 7 | Single | Author: Polititšeskoje Bjuro | Download 104Kb, Mirror, Mirror 2

The seventh CBP has its focus on one theme (like CBP5 & CBP6) - hi-tech. While you may think that we have seen more hi-tech maps than are needed this one is actually pretty amazing, and I'm not saying that just because I happened to work on this (but then again - there's only one CBP I haven't worked on). All six builders (Supertanker, Steambull, Me, Stef, Vector and DavoX) stuck with the same theme and pretty much with the same style (grey, detailed architecture). Since I'm also responsible for adding monsters and items I'm not too comfortable reviewing the level. But after replaying all six previous CBPs I can easily conclude that this one is the best. More comments here. Reviewed here too.

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