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31st of December 2004

Community Build Project 6 | Single | Author: The Fellowship of Build | Download 94Kt

The sixth and definitely not the last Community Build Project. This is the first DN-R CBP started and led by the The Man Who Came From France.

Instead of featuring a bunch of different themes The Sixth has a common theme - industrial hi-tech/outdoor (now THAT'S something NEW). And as a surprise the list of authors (or in other words - "the list of people with no life other than Build") includes two new names - MetHunter and Repository Bloke (this is their first release).

The only remarkable thing about this level (excluding my suberp part) is Devastator's nice exploding volcano - which unfortunately gives you a headache after a while since the explosions just won't stop. Other than that the level is pretty much straight-forward shooting action from start to finish - including a few not-so-funny moments such as Fernando's button hunt - let me just assure you that games can turn people insane. The last part is a roof-top combat with a bunch of aliens and the Overlord. Alex made fine job with the ending and even added a nice flying chopper.

Mostly - The Sixth has been very well designed. However it offers very little surprises and the gameplay is below average due to unbalanced item placement (way too much ammo for RGP while at some point almost no ammo at all for the rest) and some other minor issues (oh please make those explosions stop). A lot of things went wrong. At first The Sixth was supposed to take just a few months - but things went wrong (since when they haven't gone wrong?), people got lazy and Ed got involved in his work which involves a lot of tree hugging and the level was lost for a while. Now it's here and it definitely has lost some of its potential.

Not the best CBP but still a very good looking level with a decent gameplay. No reason to miss this one.

And MetHunter - let me just assure you that what you said is wrong. Ten years from now you're going to take a look at your life & at the things you have accomplished and find out that the best thing you ever did with your life was building a part for The Sixth.

Rating: No rating