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21st of March 2004

Community Build Project 5 | Single | Author: The Duke Coalition | Download 117Kt

The fifth but not likely the last CBP level. In previous CBP levels the idea has been just to put together pieces from different authors - without paying much attention to their theme. In the fifth part every author shared the same theme - spooky & snowy city.

Design varies but remains very high-quality all the time (excluding my part which sucks big time). I have no particular favorite since everyone's part (expect mine) has at least something special. MrLine once again has some spooky sounds in a spooky place, Maarten once again uses that 'Xen-Duke' style which we saw in 'Alien Planet X64-2' etc. It's also interesting to see something done by those who're well known among the community but haven't released much - MBlackwell has worked on Duke for a very long time but hasn't released that much - his part is clearly one of the best in this level with some nice lightning effects and lots of suberp eye-candy. You might know Rusty Nails from the Aliens TC demo which was released some time ago or from TCP - his bar-section in this level is also one of my favorites.

The theme - spooky & snowy city is very well used around the level - including lots of spooky sounds, dark atmosphere, bloody bodies, one nasty midi & a lot more. Now when the theme is shared by every author the level feels more like a real level and not like a museum.

The best CBP so far! "Tell The World" is creepy by the way!

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