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5th of August 2003

Community Build Project 4 | Single | Author: The Duke Coalition | Download 120Kt

Fourth CBP level. Yeah yeah nice design all over with some minor flaws and at times - a bit difficult gameplay. There were ten people building it - like usually. The team wasn't following any particular theme so there's a lot of variety. Some nice surprises like Alex's & Amund's parts. And then there were lots of typical well designed action by Oostrum brothers. Merlijn's spooky town was fantastic with some clever ideas. You just gotta love those windows. The most beautiful part was Gee's final area but it failed to entertain me like the rest of the level due to its combats. It's not impossible but it's boring and at times - annoying. There were some more minor negative issues. There were some explosions in Sang's part which seemed to appear from nowhere and hurted player quite badly (small room). Also there were some annoying respawn points between Merljin & Maarten's parts. Also it wasn't always so clear when one part ended and another part started.

CBP4 is mostly very well designed with some tough combats, typical puzzles and a few nice ideas.

Rating: No rating