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11th of May 2003

Community Build Project 3 | Single | Author: The Duke Coalition | Download 91Kt

CBP3: According to readme CBP3 supports both versions but there's a texture from Atomic Edition in Quakis' part. But anyways this is the third Community Build Project. It's built by ten people from the community.

I'm scratching my face right now - trying to figure out what to write. I have a small piece of paper in front of me where I have written some notes. This one's a bit difficult - Usually when I review levels I play them 2-3 times before writing the review itself. I have played this one about a hundred times because I took part in it. Interesting?

Size and number of enemies varies a lot. William Gee's first part is huge and it has tons of enemies. Gee's part works well unless you have played it through a hundred times. The number of enemies in it is frustrating. But I rather take tons of enemies than no enemies at all - take Quakis' part for example. It looks damn good with good textures and shadows but there are no enemies and it's just a straight hallway so it takes about three seconds to run through Quakis' part. Fortunately in most parts the amount of enemies is good. There are some flaws - Sangluss' part was interesting with sunny theme and good 'puzzles' but there were some texture alignment problems and invisible barriers. Chris' part was quite big and good looking but it had one difficult puzzle. Stephano's part was perhaps biggest and its design was ok but texture theme was a bit boring & repetitive. He also included a completely useless room to his part - those sectors should have been used to create some more details. Mikko Sandt's part was a masterpiece but indoor locations were too tight for fights against Commanders. Also Mikko's spritework was poor and he obviously had no idea what he was doing. Some pipes just there and there. Grijan is the man behind the final part and it's one of the highlights in this level because of its interesting theme - A rooftop with two Battlelords, two Commanders & a nice fountain.

Sounds negative? It's not. Design was mostly very good or at least decent. Gameplay was also good but I just had enough of it after dozens of playthroughs (tests after tests).

Rating: No rating