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Community Build Project 2 | Single | Author: Many mappers | Download 99Kb

A couple years ago (that long already?) our community released a project called 'BJ Shrine' which was a collection of sectors made by different mappers. These sectors were taken from these mappers' levels. 'Community Build Project 2' is a similar work but we didn't copy sectors from our levels. We did them from scratch. Each builder was given a bit less than a hundred sectors to use. We did the best we could. It was supposed to be a fast project but took longer than six months. Anyways lots of different builders participated this project. Oostrum brothers, Ale, Bob Averill & lots of less known builders. Even I participated this project and I'm glad that I was still able to do something good. Each part is very different and enjoyable. Some are highly detailed, some has new innovations, some are a bit empty but still they all make this level what it is - a community project.

Community Build Project 2

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