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26th of April 2003

Before The Storm | Single | Author: SalaciusCrumb | Download 3Mt

Description: A usermap for probably the best Total Conversion ever - Starship Troopers TC. Made by SalaciusCrumb who also made a set of levels for the original TC.

Design: 'Before The Storm' is very impressive. Areas are huge and very detailed. This is something I can't do - huge areas tend to lack details but definitely not in 'Before The Storm'. Snowy ridges are huge and realistic. Spritework is used very often and it's very good looking (excluding few bugs which can't be fixed really) & complex.

Textures: Hi-tech mixed with snow. Overall look of the level is gray/white and most textures are naturally from Starship Troopers TC. SST TC textures are as high-quality as Duke's original textures so results are impressive once again.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very intense and exciting because of excellent enemy placement and good puzzles. In the beginning Arachnids are spawned by bugholes and naturally these creatures attack in packs. Elevator scene in the beginning is clever and you really have to fight to get rid off the enemy. Main area is full of Arachnids because they're guarding this huge Plasma Bug. You have to run and shoot almost all the time which is very exciting - especially when you have missions to follow while you're doing so.

Innovations: Before The Storm is a mission based level. Destroying the huge Plasma Bug with a nuke launcher is very impressive as well as this scene where you try to activate those beacons while Arachnids surround you. Background music is cinematic and good quality - thanks to music system in SST TC which replaces poor midi music (but unfortunately tracks start from the beginning each time you pause or save).

Conclusion: Mission based and impressive looking level for the most popular TC ever. Naturally you need SST TC to play Before The Storm. Download SST TC here.

Rating: 95