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9th of July 2005

Boeing 747 | Single | Author: Castell Software | Download 76Kb

Description: Before reviewing Boeing 747 I gave the good old "Passenger Jet" a try (007 TC map by Jason Bredhauer). The levels are almost identical in many ways - but that's just the thing with these airplane levels - you can't make them very unique.

Design: Compared to Bredhauer's plane map this one's a bit more cramped. There are also some problems with light sources. However it's mostly above average and it has its own unique touch and ideas (such as the landing wheels down below which were missing from Bredhauer's plane). The first passenger area looks a bit dull.

Textures: The passenger areas could have been textured a bit better. I really don't like that light brown texture much and the first passenger area could use a bit better trimwork. It gets better down below in the machinery area and the first class looks pretty good too.

Gameplay: Gameplay is mostly about hunting keys but you also must locate a pipebomb & jetpack in order to continue. Nothing hard or challenging (maybe there should have been a bit more ammo) but still an enjoyable experience.

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Not as good as Passenger Jet but still an above average level and the second best airplane map. Check "Lost Highway" from the same author.

Rating: 90 (Re-rated from 86 on 23rd of December 2008.)