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1st of July 2007

BobSPX: Xenocide | Single | Author: Bob Averill | Download 9.6Mb

Description: Bob - the man who did to Duke3D what Todd McFarlane did to Spider-Man - is back with his last Duke3D map. BobSPX is another hi-tech base with some neat tricks and detailed architecture. EDuke32/Jonof required. The txt recommends that you use the HRP but I disagree. The level works fine and is a lot faster without the HRP.

Design: The architecture is, as you would expect, top-notch, but unlike about seven years ago - when BobSp1 was released - superb details have since then become a norm. The hi-tech beginning is nothing new but the last two areas are more impressive in terms of Conceptual Grandness. The large alien hive area actually managed to slow down my computer.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a relatively short ride. Bob's maps have always been short, but BobSp2 & BobSp3 felt less straight lines than this. Xenocide is basically a tube with some neat tricks on your way out. The tricks - like escaping a horde of Protector Drones or leaving the place in a helicopter - are refreshing (the previous two maps actually had less innovations) but don't save the gameplay. The first half of the map has little enemies, the last part is too difficult (after the elevator, which, by the way, can become a real death trap for the unlucky). There is also a new "midi", an mp3 file (which explains the file size) you may play in the background, but it's the kind of music I'd never voluntarily listen to.

Conclusion: A short joyride with plenty of neat things to look at. Note: the score doesn't mean that BobSp2 is better than this (it's not) or that BobSp1 is as good as this (it definitely is not). Those maps were scored when details were the latest thing.

Rating: 94