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16th of December 2016

Block Ignite | Single | Author: Shawneth | Download

The Review: Block Ignite is a short city map for Nuclear Showdown that has a pretty good, action-laden start as you rediscover the fun of Nuclear Showdown's gunplay. While not a heavily detailed map overall, its indoor sections have nice 3DR-type shadows while the design of the surrounding buildings in the outdoor sections is good (even if these short street sections seem a bit confined). Then you hit a wall, as you seem to be expected to deal with two Pig Cops and a Tank with nothing but your mighty foot. An illogical puzzle in the very first area (don't read further if you wish to avoid spoilers) expects you to use your sole pipe bomb to blow up a crate rather than a barricade that blocks your way, and if you guess wrong, you pretty much have to restart the map. Ammo scarcity defines your gameplay all the way to the end, but this isn't a long map and can easily be replayed a few times to optimize your ammo consumption. It's quite a lot of fun once you get it right.

Rating: 86

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