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Blackened | Single | Author: Alejandro Glavic | Download 98kt

Alejandro's third city level is full of details and good gameplay. Okay so where shall we start. There are some new tricks which are exploding grounds (which were also used in 'Military Madness'). Another place where ground explodes reveals some nice spritework and originality.
There are some hi-tech places and Duke Burger and some more original places like playground. In the end there's a trainyard where you have fight with Battlelord. Each room is filled with beautiful details and clean - bugfree - design.
It's really nice to see finally something else from Alejandro than those hi-tech bases. Level is great but apart from perfect design it's the same city level we have seen many times before. But this is not a bad thing because most of the city levels looks the same. Blackened reminded me of many city levels that I have played during these years. So I can't really say anything special about this - it's a normal city level with excellent design and fun gameplay.
New midi is quite good.


Rating: 95