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BJShrine | Single/DM | Author: All The Good Mappers | Download 111kt

BJShrine or 'Blackjack's Build Museum' is one of the largest single-map projects ever made. It gathers all the best parts from the best maps by the best authors (including myself of course). Maximum sector limit for each mapper was 50. We had to pick the best part from our best level and add it to BJShrine. You will recognize places like Dukebert's pirate ship, C3PO's tnt box, Cyborg's spaceship, Greg Hoyer's explosive reactor (classical) etc. Each mappers' part is joined with another with special texture (blue moving light). Level works very well. It's fun, it has lots of challenge (depends about the part where you are), very well designed and organized. Actually there is nothing wrong with this map. Only thing which I didn't liked a lot was the ending which should have been nukebutton (or something bigger) instead of step-over-sector ending. When a level like this comes out I start wondering about Duke's future and past. How long DN3D will still live? Is it really already five years old? Will DNF bring more or less mappers to DN3D community? I don't care because maps like this are really good way to let go.

The Build Museum

Rating: No rating (I don't think maps like this needs points - something around 92-98: Update 1.22.2012: Okay, not even close)