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23rd of December 2015

Bite the Dust | Single | Author: Artem Nevinchany | Download

The Review: Bite the Dust follows in the footsteps of Levelord so much that even its secret places are predictable. The map takes place in and around a bank of some sort, and is very reminiscent of the likes of E3L2, E3L4, etc. In other words, there is strong emphasis on starks contrasts between light and dark and detailing is simple yet effective; most rooms consist of just a few sectors but the map never looks empty or underdetailed. The map also plays like the classics, being interconnected and nonlinear. Not much to complain or compliment about Bite the Dust; at just under five minutes in length it's quite short and of course not the least bit original but maps like this always kinda remind us of why we love this game in the first place.

Rating: 85

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