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10th of August 2005

Beerzity | Single | Author: Numan/Beerz | Download 3.37Mt

Description: Numan - The Old "Where Can I Find a Water Post?" Dog - is back. After his first released level "Annoying 2" the goal was instantly set a lot further - and that goal was reached. "Beerzity" is a usermap for "WGRealms" mod and requires both WGRealms & latest Jonof to run.

Design: It's big - very big. Clearly inspired by WG maps. I'm surprised to find this much details from a level of this scale - especially considering the fact that Numan just started building. Of course you could easily complain about every sector and demand for more details - but try to do better yourself. The level manages to offer a wide variety of architecture - it doesn't follow any standard city theme but has its own unique atmosphere.

Textures: The map is almost entirely made of third-party textures (mostly from WGRealms). It also features a bunch of cool posters and paintings (some of which are Numan's own work of art). A few dull textures caught my eye and I'd have trimmed many walls a bit more but it's still above average most of the time. Being a WGR usermap this also means that you'll be playing the map with new chaingun & pistol sprites.

Gameplay: Whether you get lost in the beginning is mostly about pure luck. Pushing buttons might feel a bit random if you don't get the viewscreen message near the start. However this is just for one part of the map. Once you get a hold of it it gets easier. There's plenty of enemies - lots of respawning ones. And then there's quite a lot of Medkits - maybe a bit too many. Many times I located a new one when I still had nearly 100% of the old one. But this is just me. Be prepared to spend about an hour with the map - it took me 58 minutes.

Innovations: -

Conclusion: Huge and unlinear city map which will take about an hour of your time. Design is above average and WGRealms texturing rocks.

Rating: 93