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Bedrone | Single | Author: Billy Boy | Download 2Mb

In my opinion - Billy Boy is the most talented Duke mapper ever. His levels are very complex & unique. Style is completely original. No other mapper can do as huge & puzzle filled levels as Billy Boy. 'Bedrone' was supposed to be one level in the second episode of 'GOD TC' but it looks like that project has been abandoned. Design all around the level is impressive. There are huge outdoor areas, small vents, tight rooms, big halls etc. Design varies. The main outside area looks very impressive with lots of places to study etc. Duke's spacecraft looks amazing (the one you saw in the final level of GOD TC). Bedrone includes some new hacks like pickable battery item (well used around the level) & a new enemy. This new enemy is similar with Recon vehicle but it's a lot harder to beat (perhaps even too hard). Expander weapon has been updated as well with some new & cool effects. Bedrone also has lots of new ambient sounds which fit well here. There are also lots of ladders & great looking clearwater. Level is also very hard & confusing (& frustrating). Some Pig Cops take lots of bullets to die due to their colors. Bedrone has long distances so sometimes you have no idea what happened when you pressed some button. Viewscreens could have been a big help. So this level is simply amazing and requires some skill to complete. Prepare to spend some time with this one. Oh and don't forget Billy's previous levels - 'Clearwater' & 'Deadfall'.


Rating: 95