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31th of October 2005

Battlefield 3 | Single/DM | Author: Cedric "Sang" Haegeman | Download 3.52Mb, Fileplanet

Description: Sang's third Battlefield consists of three big levels with tons of monsters. It pays tribute to Croteam's Serious Sam games, mostly to Second Encounter.

Design: Most of the action happens outdoors - the first map is the only one with a notable indoor part. There's plenty of great visuals in every level. The scale of the level is huge - large open areas with huge structures. Although some of the indoor areas remain partially empty, the outdoor design can be stunning. The new skybox adds a lot and fits well.
There are some technical problems. The way the level has been designed, tons of monsters and huge open areas, causes the game to crash - possibly very often. If the pack won't run under Jonof (it works without any source ports but it's recommended that you have one) you should try EDuke32.

Gameplay: As in Serious Sam, you'll be fighting tons of enemies. Basically - you could just skip them (and I believe you will end up skipping some combats) but finding keys & buttons can be a bitch with all those monsters coming after you. Steroids come in handy, there's plenty of ammo but it's never enough. There's plenty of health as well but even that could be way too little for many players. A walkthrough has been included and it's very useful in case you get stuck. Whether this type of gameplay is satisfying is completely up to whoever plays the level. It can get, and it will, very frustrating at times. And it's not always just because it can get difficult - sometimes you just wish you could do something else than shoot tons of monsters. But this is what Battlefield is all about. You have to be in the right mood to play this.

Innovations: It's a copy of Serious Sam -style gameplay, but design-wise it's a unique experience (well - not really if you tried BF2). There are some minor innovations such as the cool way some monsters spawn (very Doomish).

Conclusion: It can be a challenge but in small doses it can be very fun. The architecture is worth seeing.

Rating: 88